Sep 10, 2013

Installing IBM BPM 7.5 - Typical Install

These are the steps need to follow to install IBM BPM 7.5 (Typical Install). In Typical Install most of the things will be done automatically. It will install with administrator id/password as admin/admin.
If you want to have different id as administrator id, please use Custom Install.

  • Extract all the compressed (zip) files into one folder.
  •  Once all files are extracted, go to extracted folder (BPM_Std_V751_Windows) and click  LaunchPad.exe

  • IBM BPM Install window will open and displays a welcome message with installation types.

  • Click on Typical Installation.
  • Typical Installation Screen will be displayed, where you will be asked to choose server. 
  • Select Install Process Center and click Next button.

  • Verify the host name and Installation Directory. And click Next button.
  • Select the Database Configuration. By default, Embedded DB2 Express Database is selected. If you are planning to use other database, have it configured. (Oracle DB configuration can be found here)
  • Setup Existing Database server. You will be displayed this screen only when you choose "Use an existing database" option.
  • Select the Database Type, enter Host Name, Port and System Identifier.
  • Specify the schema/user details for process server and performance server. Click on Test Database Connection to make sure the details are correct.
  • Click Next button.
  • Installation summary will be displayed, read and accept the license agreement.
  • Click on Instal Software.
  •  Installation will begin. It will take some time (20-30 min) to install.

  • Once installation is finished. you will be displayed success message.

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Vasanth said...

My Email ID:

Would need a quick help from you in resolving an installation problem we face when trying to install IBM BPM Standard v8.5.5 in a Win Server 2012 machine.
When trying to install IBM BPM 8.5.5 in Typical mode(in machine 1) with Oracle DB(installed and configured in machine 2 in the same network), we get 'This Database Connection Property is Invalid' inline error message when i click test connection after entering the Oracle DB user names and password . Am able to connect to the Oracle and all IBM BPM related DBs created via Oracle SQL Developer(from machine 1). Let Me know if you could help us with whats wrong and how to get over this problem.