Sep 9, 2013

Configure Oracle DB for IBM BPM Install

This post will give you information about steps needed to perform in Oracle Database before installing IBM BPM software.

  • Install Oracle Database. Express edition is good for beginners.
  • Download Oracle Sql Developer and Configure it to installed database, it will make your life easy. No need to write script for everything.
  • Login to database with system account. And create a Tablespace. Here is script to create tablespace.

datafile 'c:\oraclexe\bpm.dbf' size 500M autoextend off
extent management local;
  • Go to Others -> Create Users and Create Process DB user, Performance DB user and Common DB user.
  • Enter User Name, Password. (You can follow these names for DB users. BPMDB, COMDB, PDWDB and keep same password)
  • Select the default tablespace as BPMDUMP and temporary tablespace as TEMP.

  • Go to Roles Tab and click on Grant All, Admin All and Default All.

  • Go to System Privileges Tab and click on Grant All and Admin All. 

  • Click on Apply. Script will run and create users with necessary access.
  • Repeat these steps for all the users.

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