Sep 11, 2013

IBM BPM 7.5 - Custom Install

IBM BPM Custom Install has lot many steps compared to Typical Install, but it has many advantages compared to typical. Following are few advantages:
  • Administrator id can be any id. Instead of using admin as administrator id, you can use twAdmin or bpmadmin as administrator id. This will be very useful when you need to configure Active Directory with admin id disabled.
  • Can avoid running Database script and hence can configure old database process server and performance server schema.
  • Customizing the WebSphere install path.
Installation Steps:

  • Extract all the compressed (zip) files into one folder.
  • Once all the files are extracted, go to extracted folder (BPM_Std_V751_Windows) and click  LaunchPad.exe.

  • IBM BPM Install window will open and displays a welcome message with installation types.
  • Click on Custom Installation

  • Custom Installation screen will be displayed. Select check box Install as administrative user and click Install.
  • Install Packages screen will be displayed. 
  • Select required packages and click Next. (Here IBM DB2 Express 64 bit is an optional package and not needed if you are using oracle or sql database)
  • License Agreement will be displayed. Read and accept the License Agreement and click Next.
  • Specify Installation Directory and click Next. eg., C:\Program Files (x64)\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer
  • Validate the packages getting installed and click Next
  • Select bit architecture based on your processor bit size and click Next.
  • Finally click on Install. The installation will take 15-20 min. Take a power nap ;-)
  • When installation is complete following screen will be displayed with success message. Next step would be Profile creation.

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